Many joke that going to an Episcopal Church is like working in the circus: one has to learn to juggle.  Between the Hymnal Hymns, the Hymnal Service Music, the Prayer Book, the Bulletin and usually some other hand out, getting through the Liturgy can be quite daunting. "What book are we in now??? And what page???" "AHHHH!!! I think I'll become a Presbyterian!"

While we deeply value the texts of the Church and the high quality of Anglican worship without trying to dumb it down, we have also attempted to streamline Sunday morning's "program" so people don't need to start looking for their clown shoes.  Everything you need - the responses, the unison prayers and the Creed, the Service Music - is contained in the Service Bulletin.  The only other publication you really need is the Hymnal. Page numbers refer to the hymns in the Hymnals and references to prayers offered by just one person are included in the Bulletin if one cares to follow along.  One reason to not include these prayers is that they were designed to be heard rather than read.  However, if following along with the text enhances your worship experience, please feel free to use them. 

Below are bulletins from previous Sundays.

As always, let us know ways in which we can improve our guide to Sunday morning...the Service Bulletin.

Service Bulletin November 11, 2018