How to Donate/Pledge


Pledging, or making a financial commitment to the Church, is a Sacramental act, an outward and visible sign – giving – of an inward and spiritual grace – God’s unconditional love.  We support the ministry of the Church because we believe in what the Church stands for.  We give so the Church can continue to bring the message of Jesus to the world, celebrate the Sacraments, teach the Gospel and bring transformation to the lives of others who don’t know that they are loved or have worth. 

We don’t pledge or give in order to make God love us more or do things for us since God doesn’t work that way.  We don’t give out of an attempt to manipulate God or the Church but rather we give in thanksgiving for all we have which has initially been given to us by God in the first place.

If you have come to the point of being moved to pledge to St. Clement’s Church, please ask yourself:

How will fulfilling my pledge be a part of my spiritual development over the next year and years to come?  What does my pledge mean to me?  How does my pledge reflect gratitude for abundance in my daily life? In my life at St. Clement's? Of all the gifts that I have received - my income and the wealth God has granted me - what proportion will I give to support God's Kingdom here at St. Clement's and my community at large?

The Tithe

Tithing is a tradition inherited from our Jewish roots whereby one gives 10% of one’s income for the support of the Temple and in our case the Church.  The ancient Tithe went for the upkeep of the Temple in Jerusalem as well as the local synagogues.  The Priests and Rabbis were paid from the tithe in order to devote their lives to their ministries.  However, at least half of the Tithe went to support the social welfare agencies of the Temple and local Synagogue.  These Tithes insured that those in need, especially widows and orphans, were cared for and supported.

Today, at least in theory, our taxes support the social welfare agencies of our society.  In essence, we pay part of our Tithe to the government to assist those in need.  While the Church is still called to care for the needy, the Tithe in this instance is not as crucial as it was in ancient times.  This makes the modern Tithe about 5% of one’s income. 

We encourage all members of the Parish to Tithe to St. Clement’s Church using the 10% or 5% formula as you feel moved.  You can pledge online. Be sure to click the submit button when you are done! Or fill out a pledge card and mail it to St. Clement's c/o Philip Tschopp; St. Clement's Episcopal Church; 1501 32nd Avenue South; Seattle, WA 98144

Tithes and pledges are only made known to the Treasurer and the Parish Administrator for accounting purposes.  The leadership of the Parish, including the Clergy, have no idea how much each person pledges.