Scripture and Faith Study

Sundays, 15 minutes after 10:30 Mass

Because Episcopalians/Anglicans rely on three sources of authority, our having a "Bible" study is an incomplete examination of our lives in faith.  Our Scripture and Faith Study looks at theological issues through the lens of Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Reason as have Anglicans since the very beginning.  Through these three lenses, we try to discern what God is saying to us through the Spirit and then try to figure out for ourselves as individuals and as a Faith Community how we are to respond.  

Scripture and Faith Study takes on many forms.  Sometimes we travel through a particular book of the Bible, usually the New Testament.  Sometimes we examine the readings for the upcoming Sunday.  Sometimes we tackle current issues and controversies through examining Scripture, Tradition and Reason.  And we usually find that the questions themselves are just as important as the answers.  

Scripture and Faith Study meets every Sunday, fifteen minutes after Mass so people have a chance to connect and get a beverage and a nosh.  Bring them with you to Absalom Jones House, the grey house behind the Church on 31st Street and join with the Rector and others in the discussion.