The life of Jesus was all about others.  He emptied himself so that others might experience the love of God from him. He called and calls his disciples to do the same: to give of ourselves for the sake of others especially those on the margins of society. 

Service is the other side of the coin from worship.  One can't have one without the other.  In fact, without service, our worship is incomplete, possibly void and maybe even sacrilegious.  Service also acknowledges our own personal humanity and doesn't expect us to do the impossible.  We serve using the gifts we have been given. 

Building a skyscraper with cans of food collected at Mt. Baker Day at the Park

Building a skyscraper with cans of food collected at Mt. Baker Day at the Park


Reaching out, or "Outreach" is the manner in which Christians serve.  They reach out to those in need in comfort and care as well as concrete action that lifts the burdens of those who suffer be they physical, emotional, financial, or the like. St. Clement's Outreach Committee organizes these functions to meet our call to care.  

Outreach Committee

Our Outreach Committee meets once a month to plan events and ways to serve.  If you would like to be a part of this committee, please speak to Eleanor Goodall or Deena Fuller.


Serving in the Sunday Liturgy

We also serve by taking part in the celebration of the Sunday Liturgy.  Serving as ushers, lectors - those who read the Lessons - assisting in administering the Eucharist - singing in and directing the Choir - providing high quality keyboard accompaniment - swinging smoke - etc. - are all ways we serve each other and God during our weekly celebration of the Mass.  If you would like to take a more active roll in Sunday worship, please speak the Rector.